Our First Fair @ Shedd Park!

Our First Fair @ Shedd Park!

We were so thrilled to participate as a vendor at Shedd Park, Lowell, last Saturday, the 4th of June, 2022. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a temperature of about 70° F. The location was set on the main road, with plenty of good traffic, and we had some really lovely local visitors from Lowell! We are from Everett and were rather new to the area, and were really glad that we made the trip to meet some lovely people. 

Our little booth setup included some of our bestselling candles, like the Black Cherry Merlot, and the Smoked Oud, which sold the most! We also played a fun little game with our visitors, Guess the Smell and Win!, which invited people to smell our little tealights and guess the scent. If they guess right, they could take a tealight home! This was a great way to engage people and also make a fun game out of it. 

Our bestselling candle at the fair, the Black Cherry Merlot

We were amongst some really talented creators, like The Good and Golden Project, the loveliest and most talented girl, who makes the cutest little earrings, scrunchies and other accessories. Here's the link to her shop!

Our next fair might be in Chelsea or Everett, we'll keep you posted!

Toodles for now!

The Memoire Team